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PALACE is 3000 sqm of glass,concrete, asphalt. Is point of friction between desire and reality, in approximation to found circumstances of the square with simultaneous possibility of expanded utopias. Sharp contrasts reflect social themes. Unresolved questions of urbanity impose themselves.

PALACE projects are agglomerations of media playfulness, thematic collisions and spatial contextualization. PALACE is representative space, multidimensional reality, imagined desire.

The heterogeneity of the projects develops from the multifaceted living environment of the square: surrounded by fast-food restaurants and beer pubs, connected to the Theater im Central and the bus station, Worringer Platz is a traffic island according to the planning maxim of a

car-oriented city and a central junction of several

streetcar lines.

PALACE is a place of longing and a meeting place. It is a visionary place of fulfilled utopias. Place of intoxicating celebrations and significant meetings.

A place where polarities and diversities collide.

PALACE is the Worringer Platz.

In continuation of the project "Gasthof Worringer Platz" since 2021, we, the artist Christoph Görke, and the artist and cultural scientist Evelyn Möcking would like to realize an artistic program that does justice to the complexity

of the  Worringer Platz.

PALACE is sponsored by:


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Worringer Platz 1 • 40210 Düsseldorf

Tel. 0176/82123841

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