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October 2022


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Antiporn by Vincent Kitzhöfer deals with the power structures with the power structures of urban space and its social inequality. How does the distribution of city - and living space come about in the first place?
The appropriation of a place and the bizarreness of the construction of a property form the

starting point of the exhibition.

In the site-specific and walk-in work, basic components of a city are alienated, imitated, and Worringer Platz is thus expanded by a piece of "urban space". This changes,

just like the changing cityscape, in the course of the exhibition period. Stores are converted, change their function or are slowly gentrified.

Thus, during the month of October, an old pub becomes a kiosk, a lounge, a Covid test center. The offers of a city like coffee, clothes, kiosks or books should be participatively usable for the passers-by of the square.

Antiporn brings with it a real tristesse, such as the taking up of an anti-homeless bench that completely misappropriates the original function of a bench; or the sight of sparse, bourgeois front gardens. Likewise, the decay of a city through destruction or littering,
but also the appropriation of the city through graffiti, for example, becomes visible in the course of the exhibition.

Artist: Vincent Kitzhöfer

curated by Lisa Mayer


poster: Vincent Kitzhöfer

text: Lisa Mayer

Sponsored by:

Kulturamt Düsseldorf


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