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November 2022


Ghosts are disembodied and fluid apparitions, no more than drafts of air or gusts of wind that have always owed their presence to the visions and imagined images of human narratives. They manifest themselves in the blur, between visibility and invisibility, touching us almost imperceptibly. Yet they leave shockwaves that fade only slowly.

In his work, Daniel Nehring brings these ephemeral forms to crystallization. The translation of human bodies into digital 3D models enables him to examine the parameters of naturalistic representation as well as to shift them. In a morphing choreography, he fuses existing 3D models of human busts and self-created heads of fantastic beings.

The origins dissolve here in the blending forms, details and surfaces; the skin takes on a life of its own in the play with the parameters of the software. At the boundary between surface and space, inner and outer world, the skin defines a threshold with complex meaning: in Daniel Nehring's work, it opens up into a pictorial space in which mineral-like anatomies and coral-like adhesions begin to pulsate. In the playful handling of the digital data and vectors, hybrid entities emerge in which the scanned body surfaces still shine through, while at the same time merging into hybrid beings under mystical, sculptural and geological layers.


The exhibition is supported by Kulturamt Düsseldorf and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Artist: Daniel Nehring

Text: Christoph Görke

Poster: Marcel Strauß

Social Media: Bettina Strunk

Fotos: Gregor Guski

Realization of the eyeballs in collaboration with Joscha Bender

The exhibition is supported by the Kulturamt Düsseldorf and the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

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