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International Biodiversity Day


glistening rays a plunge into red and blue torn away
carried away on tracks of blood bubbling bubbles flooding with light
eye pressure rises give up don't get out on the trip that seduces through
icy red and boiling blue seduces green to catch a
a scattering of yellow capture warm waves blowing and from a swarm
become a stream a dizziness a fever dream -

the scanning electron microscope scans
does black meet white surface statements
the things on the spot
handkerchief, used
samples picked up from the floor are in hands
read from microscope that
determines what
remains in the dark
now the results of the examination are available
spread out flat 6 x 3 m made visible
from the syringe from the blood from the handkerchief
become a relief
reduced enlarged images
with distortion
in bichrome











On International Biodiversity Day, visual artist Daniel Nehring presents his work Rauschen (Noise) as part of a PALACE project.

Using a scanning electron microscope to examine objects found on Worringer Platz, he creates an image that almost resembles abstract painting, lying on the floor and breaking the usual visual direction. In its sterility, it contrasts with the videos shown on the screen hovering above it, which visualise drug intoxication in explosions of colour.

The work was created in cooperation with the Core Facility
Electron Microscopy of the Medical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (CFEM).

Special thanks go to Dr Ann Kathrin Bergmann.

Text: Christina Möcking

Poster: Max Kostopoulos in collaboration with Daniel Nehring


PALACE projects are supported by the Kulturamt Düsseldorf and
Stiftung Kunstfonds/Neustart Kultur.

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