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June 21/22, 2021 and July 09/10, 2021

Cooperation project with 1:1 CONCERTS

IMAGE 2021-06-15 19_58_10.jpg

1 musician, 1 listener, 2 metres apart.

The Düsseldorf premiere of 1:1 CONCERTS takes place in cooperation with PALACE. PALACE creates space for interdisciplinary investigation and utopias on Worringer Platz Düsseldorf. The glass house on the square becomes a concert venue and, despite its transparency, offers a protected space to enable the experience of proximity, shared energy and musical interpretation in wordless, approx. 10-minute encounters between one musician and one listener.

The 1:1 CONCERTS defy the Coron crisis, create artistic places of power and raise funds to support musicians in need.

Hosted by:

Bärbel Möllmann
Annette Walther

Barbara Schachtner, soprano
Dorrit Bauerecker, accordion
Emanuel Wehse, violoncello
Annette Walther, violin / viola

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