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Based on the action and memorial days of March 21st,

the new exhibition will each include a work by

Author Christina Möcking and the artist Sebastian Bathe.


In fragmentary flashbacks, the acoustic installation "XXL-Liebe, limitiert" by Christina Möcking negotiates what remains: preserved experiences, served in poetic nibbles. The starting point is a fresh love and the danger of its hopelessness due to past, failed relationships. Every relationship has its own language in which love is coded. It begins with a nickname and ends with a ban on speaking. These literally pronounced confessions, glassy, ​​revealing, involuntarily make the visitor to the square into their participant;

there is a tension between intimacy and publicity.


Sebastian Bathe's “2020” picture cycle comprises 1000 analogue photographs. In them he formulates the search for an expression for the climatic changes and the resulting forest decline. The negative scans of the photographs form a digital archive, the individual recordings of which appear and disappear on nine screens in time with the public transport at Worringer Platz. Based on the real-time analysis of acoustic signals and visual rhythms of the square, the sequence of images is completely transferred to the composition of urban life. Inside and outside are permanently intertwined. The spatial separation of change in landscape and urban cycle is also called into question, both structurally and visibly.

The work 2020 is part of the work complex 1989/2020/2038.

Further information can be found on the artist's website:


The combination of both works with the exhibition space in the glass house on Worringer Platz creates a field of tension between private and social issues; the glass house itself becomes a metaphorical body, which is also a shelter for questions Doubts and desires of the individual, but makes use of his own fragility, transparency, to enter into a dialogue with the outside world. In this respect, the works also reflect the existing restrictions and, against the background of the general detachment, open up intimacy and their own fragility as opportunities for visitors to relate to one another.


The exhibition was organized in collaboration with Matthias Neunhofer,

Nolle Woida and Axel Kreiser realized.


curated by: PALACE


PALACE projects are funded by the Kulturamt Düsseldorf, Stiftung Kunstfonds / Neustart Kultur.

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