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December 2022

31.12.2022 - 20.03.2023

31.12.2022 - 20.03.2023 is both: the title and the defined period of the exhibition that will take place on Worringer Platz with, at and in the Glass House. On the day of the opening, a compost heap will be placed. The organic material goes through various phases in the implementation
processes, which affects the perceptibility of its surrounding space.
In the first phase after piling, temperatures of up to 70 °C develop in the pile. Increased gases and vapors are released. Beyond the heat accumulation effect of the greenhouse, an additional
manipulation of the climate and the atmosphere takes place. This "thick air" becomes visible through the formation of condensation water, formed by the temperature differences between outside and inside. The fogged glass becomes a point of friction between inside and outside, allowing the view to focus on the surface or become diffuse on the interior. The veiling effect makes the atmospherically filled volume tangible and evokes an idea of space as a body. Physicality as an existential condition of sovereignty finds its beginning and end in the soil. With the production of humus, this work starts from the fundamental for the existence of our society: fertile earth, to which the urban as a collective of ideas and realities of life links.
As it progresses, the pile gradually cools, causing the room/body temperature to approach the ambient temperature, thus decreasing condensation on the panes. The place slowly opens up to the outside, revealing the updated state of the decomposing compost heap, which may have already turned into humus by the end of the exhibition period.


Tristan Drobik deals primarily with painting. Content topics such as psychology, landscape, current events, climate and atmosphere are usually reproduced in his work via the illusionistically painted image, the image as the principle of a window through which one looks. This motif reappears in the moment of the fogged window.The fact that the glass loses transparency, and changes its function, only draws attention to the pane itself. "31.12.2022-20.03.2023" can be seen in this respect as a

medial extension of painting. The fogging of the pane is emblematic of the phenomenon of Worringer Platz itself, where inequalities and moments of friction become visible.

Tristan Drobik studied fine art at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Tomma Abts, Eberhard Havekost and Dirk Skreber.

He finished his studies in 2022 as a Meisterschüler of Tomma Abts.

Opening: 12/31/22 at 4 p.m.

Artist: Tristan Drobik


Fotos: Christian Ahlborn

The exhibition is supported by the Kulturamt Düsseldorf and

Stiftung Kunstfonds NEUSTART KULTUR

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